I am a software engineer with two years of industry experience, developing commercial systems for the retail industry.

I have worked with a diverse range of programming languages ranging from C++, C# and Java, to scripting languages Python, Bash, JavaScript, Razor MVC and Powershell. I’ve worked on a variety of applications for mobile, servers and embedded devices.

With a 2:1 honours degree in French at the University of Exeter, and a very high distinction (88%) from an intensive MSc Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, I have followed a unique path into software development that I believe provides a creative edge to my development work.

I will document my side projects on this site: from tutorials on software development, blogging about creating and recording music, and a portfolio of the of tools, apps, websites and programs that I have made over the years. I hope my experience in these areas will provide some insight on these interests that I care about – see tabs at the top for more!

Use my contact page to get in touch, or use the social media links at the bottom of the page.